”A great tool for empowerment and to motivate oneself”

Anoosh Werner, Berlin.

Konstnär som frilansar inom miljöinriktad utbildning, designar utbildningsprogram för skolor och sociala institutioner samt håller föreläsningar och workshops på konferenser. Specialiserar sig på vatten, plast och papper. Har föreläst om rent vatten inför FN. Hennes senaste projekt Tap Water Friendly School vann PSD Future Award. Hennes program etableras nu i tyska skolor.

Webb: www.anoosh.de

Kom först i kontakt med Värdemetoden: 2019

”I love the Green Square Method*! It has already had a big impact in my life. It was an important tool for me to focus on the things I really want to do and achieve. It motivates me to work every day on my dreams and wishes becoming true. I already work with things I love but I’ve had a lot more ideas in the pipeline for years, which I didn’t focus on any more. Simply because I couldn’t work out the financial aspect. The method was a great gift to get back on track and learn focus and clarity. I am very grateful for that! Thank you!!

I would definitely recommend it to other people! Actually, I already did the method with some friends. I had two situations where my friends were kind of stuck in their processes and it was sooo interesting what happened and how the conversations with these friends ended. Very positive. Super cool.

The method helped me a lot to focus on my goals and vision. It’s a great tool for empowerment and to motivate oneself. It’s given me a lot more self confidence and has supported me in my business philosophy. I would love to work deeper with it and include it even more in my daily life.”

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