”A method for everyone who puts their mind where their heart is”

Niklas Kuhagen, Berlin.

Entreprenör, innovatör. Driver Nettrailer, en webbyrå som producerar informativa 2D-animerade kortfilmer. Brinner för att ge små företag samma möjligheter som de stora korporationerna har. Bygger upp en konstfestival med miljöfokus.

Webb: https://vimeo.com/nettrailer

Kom först i kontakt med Värdemetoden: 2019

”This is a method for everyone who puts their mind where their heart is. Anyone who creates because they want to contribute to society. Anyone who’s lost in a creative process.

I’m part of an interdisciplinary group of artists and activists providing feasible solutions for a sustainable world. We’re creating projects to draw in a positive future for tomorrow’s world. I’m passionate about conversation between people, when they talk and change perspective, get a new look at topics like climate change and grow from it. We’re providing a space for that to happen, through everything from exhibitions to guerilla stunts.

The Green Square Method* made the creative process efficient and the outcome effective. It definitely helped the group and me in particular to think outside the usual train of thoughts. Before, we were only creating for the sake of creating. Suddenly we had a product that generated values which could be translated into money. It gave us a positive feeling towards the WHOLE process, creating a product, the economic aspect. Selling didn’t feel lika a bad thing anymore. That was the biggest difference. That and setting the right price. Because we knew our value, so we had a foundation for the price tag.”

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