”You don’t have to fit it, the method shows you how to make the business world fit you”

Riham Ezzaldeen, Aten.

Tog ett BA i business, påbörjade en utbildning inom HR, frågade sig varför hon gick där och hoppade av. Sedan dess har Riham flyttat runt i flera av Europas huvudstäder. Eventorganisatör, curator av kulturella konstprojekt och nu filmproducent.

Webb: whattookyousolong.org

Kom först i kontakt med Värdemetoden: 2017

”I co-founded an event initiative called ’Raqs’, the Arabic word for ’dance’, empowering contemporary underground Levantine arts and tunes by giving them a platform to perform in one of the most important cultural centers/clubs in Amsterdam. Recently I am Original Content Producer with the film company ’What Took You So Long?’.

I love facilitating, organizing, problem solving and creating a safe diverse space where people can’t help but understand that our power lies in our differences. In one way or another this is the core of most things I do.

To me, the biggest proof of the Green Square Method’s* efficiency is that it kept up with my constantly changing life. I think the dominant structure of the business world is demolishing self-love and restraining creatives from participating and feeling valued. The course offers empowering tools that flip the hierarchical flawed logic not only to our, but to everyone’s advantage.

The method helped me deal with the inner conflict of how to set and merge my life and career priorities, to be more creative in finding clients and having the upper hand in setting conditions. When you’ve used it, you are prepared for any sales negotiation and have a deeper understanding of your standards.

I have always wanted a structured, efficient method that prioritizes humans and their desires without taking me off-grid and excluding me from the business world. Since Linda provided that, I am more comfortable putting higher value on what I offer and encouraging my colleagues to act similarly.

This is a method for people, collectives, organizations and companies that want to remove the distance between passion and profit, especially people who are not happy with how they compromise their desires to fit what they think is ’today’s world’. Basically, it teaches: ’you don’t have to fit it, here’s how you make it fit you’!

I believe many of us have been tainted by financial systems and feel embarrassed to state out loud that we prioritize having the life we want to have. That is considered unprofessional, right? You’re hard working if you bite your tongue and obey the system, right? No. Absolutely not.”

* På engelska kallas Värdemetoden för The Green Square Method.